Know Your Rights Of Your Online Purchase

With the prevalence of online stores, combined with the increasingly busy lives for consumers, it is significant that you should know about the terms and conditions of your online merchant. What if you have purchased a product or service that you weren’t satisfied with? Don’t you worry? In this, you will find few tips to find a solution for the problem you may have with the product or service.

Know the shipping Details

Whenever you purchase any product online, you need to know about the shipping information. If you’re online merchant has failed in delivering the purchased products in time, then look for the reasons. It is the responsibility of the online merchant to notify you about the delay. It is required to say so and allow you to agree to the delay or to cancel the order. If it is applicable, you can even claim for a refund. Reading carefully about the shipping information before you proceed to the check out process keeps you well informed.

Track your purchases

Ensure that you keep printouts of your online orders including your transaction, your e-mails to the retailers and their responses to you. This would help you in case you’re not satisfied with the products/services you ordered online.

Dissatisfied shopping experience

Did you have any bad experience after your online purchase? The best course of action is to contact the retailer. Dissatisfaction may arise due to poor customer service or delay in delivery. If you are one of those really affected by these issues, take your business elsewhere in the future. Again, it is so important for you to understand their terms and conditions before you allow yourself to get dissatisfied next time.


Usually the terms of warranty can be found in “Terms and Conditions” or can be given along with the product description. You should examine whether the product has manufacturer’s warranty, retailer’s warranty or both. Here are some tips to give an insight about the warranty.

Check for warranty period

  • Contact details for repair, refund, or replacement
  • Procedures to follow if the product you purchased don’t work or damaged
  • Conditions or any limitations on the warranty

Some retailers do offer service contract/extended warranties providing repair and maintenance for a specific time period. Warranties are generally included in the price of the product. Sometimes extended warranties are sold separately. After you received the product, inspect it carefully to see if there is any damage. Once you identify the item being shipped is faulty, contact the seller as soon as possible.

Return Policies

Only few online websites will allow you to make returns. Make sure that your online dealer provides information about return policy clearly. Before you click on “Buy Now” button, do check these things.

  • Expected delivery date
  • Return policy if you are not satisfied with the product that you purchased

The main convenience of online shopping is that you can read about the product details and view it’s images until you’re satisfied without any salesperson standing behind your back. Keep yourself informed about the legal terms. There are certain rules followed by the online sellers to meet promised deadlines for internet orders, if the deadline is not met, it is your time to ask and find the remedy. Do spend some time on reading the terms and conditions of your online merchant and don’t get easily carried away to click on “Buy Now” button before knowing your rights!