Online Marketing Gimmicks And Dodgy Artist Merchants

When you encounter endless stories of scam experiences of one sort or another, in the Internet Marketing field, it makes you wonder whether the whole business of doing online marketing is a viable one. There are so many cases of shoddy practices relating to blogs, public forums, social media and community sites that many online marketers get a bad name from the media at large.

I have heard several famous online marketers actually saying to their own customers that they prefer telling them they engage in the porn business online or the smut of the month club type of membership, rather than coming out straight: “I am a marketer doing online business”… just because they think people at large don’t understand what it actually is “doing business online” or for the bad perception that the actual occupation may have.

While the views above are rather extreme and exaggerated, I admit, the fact remains that there are lots of people out there being scammed daily, simply because certain prudent things that one can do prior to purchasing any program offered, are not done before hand. You could say that most of us enthusiastic marketers have fallen one time or another for some of these gimmick tactics.

Simply being an honest consumer, leave us open to the tricks of the scam artists out there. We need to use, every time before purchasing, a more defensive approach and adopt a careful set of tactics that can prevent us from falling into their aggressive selling mode, if we want to really be sure we’ve got a good deal from the vendor.

Learning how to deal with unscrupulous vendors after the purchase, is not an ideal situation, since we already lost time and money. Instead, I want to give you several good points that we all can use to prevent falling victims to the gimmicks and scams of the online marketers, scam artists of the Internet.

First of all, we have to be careful when looking at the sale letters and find a clear purpose of what it is about and how what’s offered, solves our problem. If it is not easily understood, the problem solution, all the thousands of gimmicks being refer to in the sales pitch leave us with the “what is the solution about?” type of question. This type of sale letter is what we do not want.

More often than not, the vendors use curiosity triggers that really do not offer solutions, to get us to buy, only to find out latter that they did not promise at all the solution to our problem. Their solution, at times is not clearly defined or it is fuzzy and then it is too late for us, especially when we have to work very hard to get a refund. A good and honest vendor, refunds your money without questions and right away.

There are so many tricks in the arsenal of scam artists like the fake screenshots, earnings and testimonials that could feed several books easily. Clearly not all testimonials and screen earnings are faked; after all, it is true some clever internet marketers make huge earnings from their programs and selling products online.

But the point is that many online marketers edit text on any website or on many accounts simply by inserting a little script into their browsers, followed by the websites they want to edit the text of. And the same with the accounts of other users so that the figures earned can be doctored and inflated beyond recognition…

Follow that with the practice of using actors, voice over artists which in itself is nothing wrong of course for the correct purposes, but if they use them for faking testimonials or posing as customer reviewers, then we are back to the deceit of these scam marketers. Having actors posing as successful students is not going to help us the customers.

And there is more we can do. When we have any doubt at all about what is being offered we can make sure about the credentials of the vendor by simply searching for their name online. In seconds we can see their products, their websites, whether there are legal issues about them. You may say this requires a bit of work, and you are correct, but you will feel more assured knowing that you are buying from a reputable marketer.

Also, check the testimonials. We can make sure that they are not coming from affiliates themselves, trying to get us to buy the product. What we need is good buyer testimonials, users who genuinely bought the product we want to buy and who are telling or recommending it to us.

We need to know about the after sales service of the vendor too. How good is the after sales helping desk? Will we be left in the dark after buying the product, when we have a problem with using it? Is there anyone out there to help us later? A good marketer will put great care into good service which will help get satisfied customers. Even having a good product that we don’t know how to use, we can learn how to use it with good customer care. We won’t be very happy otherwise!

Stay with the product you want to buy, a bit more before you buy it. Search for it in the forums to see how other users are talking about it! That way, more details will be revealed to us in order to make a better judgement when deciding to buy. OK, more work I hear you say, but in the end, with more expensive products, you know all this makes good sense. It is much less time and money wasted this way versus finding ourselves burned and angry for being scammed.

And finally there are, as you probably know, other searches we can do online, totally free of course, that will help us to know about the merchants we are dealing with. Go and add after their names, in the search boxes, the plus sign and words like scam, law suit, refunds etc. Consult the established business bodies online too, related to the products on offer.

German Calvo